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Thailand Multilingual Website Design.
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    ※ What is general rule that named domain name?

    All levels of domain names on internet are managed separately by different organizations, so way of managing domain name and rule that named domain name are different from each organization. There are some common rules that named domain name, main points as follow:
    一、Including following characters in domain name
    1. 26 English letters
    2. “0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9”10 figures
    3. “-”(Conjunction number in English)
    二、 The combination of characters in domain name rules:
    1.In domain name, do not distinguish capital and small letter of English letter
    2 For length of a domain name there is some restriction
    Domain Search V1.0
    Domain: www.
    .com .net .org
    .biz .info .cc

    ※ Price of domain name and paying bank

    1.International domain name( 600baht for one year
    2 Buy international domain name for more than two years, charges for one year
    400baht, at one time pay up. Pay by instalments and can not enjoy this preferential prices.
    3.Buy . or other Thai special suffix domain names, one year
    After submitting registration information of domain name, can remit money through following banks, we will open registered domain name in 2 workdays. Telephone number of confirming: 02-634-2955

    ※ Methods of payment

    1. Banks remittances, we will provide you several major Thai banks to facilitate your remittance
    2. Online payments, direct payment through Internet, convenient, fast, and extra fees 4%.
    3. Cash payments,directly operating payments in our company.

    I decided already, into payment page…

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